Art of the Invisible

Art of the Invisible fuses the arts, science and technology to connect people to each other and to the natural environment.

About Art of the Invisible

Art of the invisible emerged from a recognition that technological fixes alone are insufficient to address the messy and complicated social and environmental challenges that are proliferating in the modern era.

Bringing together people from across multiple and diverse disciplines to address the disconnect between people and the environment, Art of the Invisible acts as a catalyst for collaboration between multidisciplinary artists, scientists, academics, technologists and entrepreneurs.

Peter John Eyres

Art of the Invisible was born out of Peter's belief that creativity and the arts, when complemented by and fused with science and technology, can act as a catalyst for connecting people to their environment - an essential precursor to the kind of social changes that are needed to address big, complex, and messy challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and unsustainable patterns of consumption.

Peter's career has spanned the arts, strategic environmental consultancy, technology startups, and creative facilitation.

He consulted to the World Bank on the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development; the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on their Energy and Climate Strategy; Kelloggs on their European Sustainability Strategy; GE money on the future of sustainable retail; Islington Council on sustainable transport; and GLOBE Legislators on their communications and outreach strategy for COP15.

Louisa Tomlinson

Louisa Tomlinson is an award-winning, published poet and spoken word artist, who performs regularly in Brighton. Poetry awards and publications include winner of the The New Writer, Subprimal, The Network Review, India Writes, Kent and Sussex Poetry Competition, Frogmore International Poetry Competition, and Slipstream National Poetry Competition.

She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University, and is the Editorial Director of the Jaipur Literature Festival’s Writers Programme, which discovers and develops emerging writers under 35 in India.

She is also a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with Young People Using the Arts, specialising in Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children.

Professor David Ockwell

David teaches, leads research, supervises doctoral students and provides policy advice on climate change policy with a particular focus on low carbon technology transfer and development, and on public engagement with climate change. He has led research collaborations with partners in several developing countries and provided policy advice to inter-governmental organisations (including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat, African Development Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and OECD Environment Directorate) and governmental departments in developed and developing countries (including the UK, India and Chile).

Dave Lynch

Dave is a pioneering artist, director and inventor working at the intersection of moving image, interactive installation, performance and power projection. He works with artists, academics, physicists, neuroscientists, creative technologists, cultural experts, musicians and more.

Driven by the sharing, inspiration, collaboration, education and cultural dialogue that art can provide for our everyday and beyond, he seeks pioneering discoveries, the joy of risk, the chance to witness the beauty in the creation of new knowledge, processes and prototypes.

A specialist in creative concept design, direction and production usually via large scale interactive installations, Dave's experience encompasses over 360 live shows in venues such as the once largest room in the world, Europe's largest indoor climbing wall, a 90m high quarry and projections over a mile above the earth.


We work collaboratively on projects that seek to explore and expose the invisible relations between people and their local and/or global environment. Our approach is interdisciplinary, issue-focussed and reflexive.


Step outside will use the power of the arts, geofencing and immersive technology to reconnect people with the places that inspire artworks. An app that offers virtual experiences of art inspired by nature as well as signposting their real world counterparts, Step Outside will offer a route from the virtual to the real world for lovers of music as well as the spoken and written word.

Currently in research phase.


Immersive data visualisation for academics, businesses and the public sector

Network=space seeks to connect people to the networks of influence and agency that their work has on society, the economy, and the local and global environment.

By displaying organisational or academic data as an immersive audiovisual installation within the space in which it is generated, the installation will connect people to their agency in the world in new ways, opening up opportunities for new and innovative perspectives on organisational and individual agency.


If you're interested in what we're up to, get in touch:

Step Outside

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